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Schweitzer Sing

Since Schweitzer's opening in 1961 students and staff have gathered on a regular basis to sing their hearts out.

It's something quite unique to our school and we are very proud of this tradition.

Students sing fun songs written by past teachers at Schweitzer as well as popular songs such as 'Baby Baluga' by Raffi. Students use their hands to sing along with the music. They're also known to add their own lyrics to songs like Tingalayo. Sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming and boistrous for students so it's not mandatory that everybody sings.

All students gather and are led by a guest musician and teachers. Students have a powerpoint to see words and pictures that go along with the music.

At the end of every Sing the school sings the Albert Schweitzer Song that starts off as this:

Albert our brother, peaceful and kind...

Cared for the world in body and mind

He loved the birds and he loved the trees

He saved the world for you and for me...

Whether or not Mr. Albert Schweitzer actually saved the world is something students sometimes talk about. He did win the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian efforts. Regardless, we recognize Albert Schweitzer's example in caring for our world and the people in it.

"Do something wonderful, people may imitate it."

Albert Schweitzer